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HSS Drill Bits

HSS Drill Bits at SIDS DIY

What are HSS Drill Bits?

HSS drill bits are the most popular drill bits that we can find easily on the market and in any DIY or home-improving projects. The HSS (high-speed steel) is a particular type of steel that has a great heat resistance and hardness. As a result, an HSS bit can perform well in tasks with high temperatures without losing its shape and hardness. In comparison with a carbon steel drill bit, HSS can work much more effectively with higher rotation speed (higher RPM) and have a much longer life span, so this type of drill bits is getting more and more popular for any DIYer.

There are some different types of HSS. The most famous is the “M2”, which is the most widely used high-speed steel and is used in various tools, such as drill bits, taps, and reamers. Sometimes, hardware producers also add cobalt into HSS to form a new type called HSS-cobalt, which has a greater heat resistance and faster cutting time than a standard HSS one.

Which to buy?

Here at SIDS DIY Store, we provide you with several types of drill bits, all of which are from our brand SD Tools. Our production team works closely with a host of leading manufacturers to provide the latest industry innovations and high-quality products at extremely competitive prices across all product ranges. If you are not sure what type of drill bits will fit your project, you can contact us for further information and professional advice.

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